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Learn about how to help the environment with our earth tips - simple and easy things you can change in your daily habits in your everyday life that make a big difference to the earth, the planet, and the environment!

Cut down on air conditioning!

AC uses a lot of energy (and money!) Use is sparingly - or not at all!
The trick to still stay cool?
Fans = Less Electricity! Use them!!
When not using a room, close the blinds or curtains! Keep out the heat.
If it's very hot and humid:
1)Close the windows.
2)Use the AC for 5-10 minutes to dehumidy the air
3)Then use fans!

If using AC - Sent a slightly lower temperature than outside. (This means it will change at night!)

When you leave your house: Set a higher temperature (or turn it off) so it's not running constantly and unnecessarily when you are out.

Nights are usually cooler - open the windows to let in the cooler air and use fans.
Save energy and money!



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