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New! Great educational games that work on desktops, laptops - and now phones, ipads & tablets!

We're in the process of converting our games - keep checking for more games!

games are being converted for all devices




Flash games aren't working? - Unfortunately Adobe Flash has decided to stop supporting Flash at the end of this year. This is a huge loss to games, and educational games - and free games! So many free educational games are created with Flash. It is a great tool and right now there is no equivalent - it is an invaluable program and tool and we suggest you contact Adobe and tell them they need to create some kind of a convertor for all the many many flash games out there if they are no longer going to support flash! Or better yet - keep supporting flash.

We are in the process of attempting to convert the games this year. In the meantime, please look up "how to Enable Flash on (your browser name goes here)" if your browser isn't allowing flash games to play at the start. There is a setting that will allow you to play! Or see below:

Quick version for chrome:  
1)Enter chrome://settings/content into the address bar and press enter.
2)Scroll to the Flash tab
Towards the bottom of the Content Settings menu, under JavaScript, you will locate the Flash tab. Select it.

3) Turn off “Block sites from running Flash.”
Once you turn off the “Block sites from Running Flash” button, it will change the setting to “Ask first.” After you do this, when you come to our site/games, you’ll be asked if you want to activate it, and you can select "allow" so our games can work!


Help with Games
Select your problem:
1)I cannot see whole game, part of it is cut off.

2)I am using firefox. The games used to work - now nothing happens when I press play.

3)A game is not working for me and I need to use it right now! (We have some alternate versions of the game.)

4)The games are not showing up. I have an adblocker installed in my browser.

5)The games are not showing up at all.
The games are not playing, and I am on an iPad/phone/mobile device.



1)Problem: a game appears too large for your screen, or any part of it is off center or cut off.

Games require a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.

Because the games require this screen resolution, if your monitor is set to a lower resolution, the games may appear to go off the screen, or appear to be too large for your screen. If this is the case, You want to change your monitor's screen resolution.

To switch your monitor resolution:
Right click on your opening screen, the desktop (not on any program or game or icon)
Select "Properties".
One there, select the tab "settings".
Once selected, look for something called "screen resolution". It may be a slider.

Try sliding it to "1024 by 768 pixels".
If you are able to do this, the games should fit on your screen without a problem.

Or, here are some links that can help you change your screen resolution to that
size, depending on your computer:

If your system is a different platform than these links provide, do a search for "screen resolution, (system - mac, windows me, etc)".


2)Problem: While using Mozilla Firefox, the games have recently stopped working (you press play, and nothing happens)... chances are it's the pop-up blocker.

To allow our games to work in firefox:

1. at the top of the firefox page select "tools"
2.  from the pull-down menu select "options"
3. from the "options" menu click on "content"
4.  from the "Block pop-up windows" click on the "Exceptions" button
5. Type in "" in the "Address of web site" box
6. click on the "allow" button

Note - this is just to enable our games in firefox, you will not be subject
to pop-up ads.




3)Problem: A game isn't working for me and I need to use it right now!
If you have to use a game right away and it appears not to be working... first off, try it a few times. Sometimes if your internet connection slows down, it looks like the game won't load, but it will.

If you've tried several times and can't get it to work (or is too big, etc etc), here are a few alternatives you can do to play right away:

1)Play the Dial Up version of the game, which is located underneath each Play button of every game.

2)Try the Mac versions (even if you have a PC). Here are the links (also accessible underneath the title of the USA, Africa, Asia, Europe etc):



4)The games are not showing up. I have an adblocker installed in my browser.

If you have installed an ad blocker, you may need to disable it to use Sheppard Software.

5)The games are not showing up.

Our games need the Adobe Flash Plug-in. This is a free download for any computer!

I am on an iPhone or iPad or other mobile device.

Unfortunately Apple has decided not to support the Adobe Flash plug-in on their newer products, such as the iPhone and iPad. This means you are missing out on a lot of free content such as our hundreds of educational games and other flash activities. Please try to find a computer or non-Iphone mobile device to play our games, and we encourage you to contact Apple and ask them to support flash:

Online forms:
Ipad feedback:

Iphone feedback:

AND one more bit of good news - that might help you out. There are ways to use our games on mobile devices!!

Whether Apple or Android, search in your app store for a "flash browser",
and download the app you choose (check the ratings and reviews).
Most are free, or a small fee.

These flash browsers should be a way to use our free flash games to run on your mobile device. Whenever you want to use our games (or any other flash games or site), use that flash browser to go on the internet (just the way you would with safari or chrome or the 'internet' button) and go to our website.




If you can't find an answer here, please provide us with these details if you are having trouble with a game so we can have enough information to try and help you:

1)Tell us which game, which section. Include the level, etc - be exact.
2)Tell us exactly what happens when you try to play. Details help!
3)Have these games ever worked for you? When is the last time?
4)Do games in other sections (or continents) work? Which ones work?
5)Are you using a Mac or PC?
6)Which internet browser are you using? (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
7)Have you tried the games for Macs? (available under the title of popular geography sections)

Remember: The more exact details you provide, the more likely we will be able to help you or fix the problem!

Email: Support

Hope this helps, and have fun playing our geography games!
-The Sheppard Software Team

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