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Our beautiful online world landmark puzzles are back! 50 amazing locations around the world
made into fun jigsaw puzzles with 3 different difficulty levels each!
That means 150 potential jigsaw puzzles to play with improvement.
Easy jigsaw puzzle - 9 pieces
Medium jigsaw puzzle - 16 pieces
Advanced jigsaw puzzle - 25 pieces

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World Landmarks Puzzles: eiffel tower, buckingham palace, westminister abbey, leaning tower of pisa, norway fjords, alhambra, grand canal, parthenon, spanish steps, stone henge, colosseum, notre dame, pompeii, prague castle, vatican, red square, mount kilimanjaro, serengeti, casablanca, table mountain, pyramids, larabanga, sphinx, taj mahal, ganges, elephanta caves, ajanta caves, machu pichu, amazon, galapagos, panama canal, pantanal, old havana, great wall, mount fuji, taipei 101, mount everest, forbidden city, imperial palace, batu caves, giant buddha, banaue rice terraces, prambanan, petra, jerusalem, persepolis, mosque of the prophet, sydney opera house, great barrier reef, ayers rock


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