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the smartest primates

often confused for a monkey , but actually an ape

Primates make up a small but diverse number of species, including human beings. Primates have hands or paws that are able to grasp items, fingernails instead of claws, and eyes that face forward (instead of being located on either side of the head.)

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Do you know the difference between apes and monkeys?

Most people confuse apes and monkeys, but actually they are quite different. This article will help you to learn the differences and recognize between apes and monkeys as well as another kind of primate, called the prosimian! *click for article and quiz*

the biggest and most diverse category of primates


the pre-monkeys



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Koko, an African gorilla, has learned over 1000 words in ASL (American Sign Language.) Not only can she understand human speech, but she regularly communicates with her trainers about everything from the emotions that she feels, to her personal opinions and desires.

Koko loved cats and one of Koko's desires was to have one. She was granted that request and given a pet kitten. Her gentleness with the kitten amazed the world.


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