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These eight online games teach you the chemical elements, periodic table, and more.

Just click to play and learn!

Element Quiz Games
Periodic Table Games
Level L - Learning Level L - Learning
Learn more about how the elements of the periodic table are related to each other by clicking on them. Learn the elements of the periodic table by clicking on them.
Level 1 - Element Matching Game Level 1 - Beginner
Click on the correct element group that coresponds to the clue about it. click on the correct chemical symbol for the named element.
Level 2 - Advanced Beginner
  Type in the name of the chemical element being shown.
Level 3 - Intermediate
  Drag and drop these elements onto their correct positions on the periodic table.
Level 4 - Expert
  Type in the correct element. Only its atomic number is given.
Level 5 - Master
  Click on the correct element based solely on its atomic mass.



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