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We have 5 winter activities - Make a snowman / snow person,
winter animals, winter kids, dress for winter and snow animals!


Our Seasons Paint and Makes are creative activities for kids. Learn about the
4 seasons - spring, winter, summer & fall, while painting scenes and placing
seasonal objects in the scene! Kids can play this over and over and create
so many different winter scenes.

"Snowmen" build snow people with snow, sticks and stones, dress them up in fun ways
with scarves, hats, mittens and earmuffs!

"Dress for Winter" also helps kids understand the importance of dressing warmly for winter!
"Winter Kids" shows the winter fun kids can have - sledding and building with snow!
"Winter Animals" shows some animals in the winter and what they might be doing!
"Snow animals" leaves the most up to the imagination of the kids! So many combinations
of animals can be made with the various sized snowballs, sticks and leaves - encouraging
problem solving and creativity!


This paint and make contains snow, winter, sledding, dressing warmly for winter, animals in winter,
building snow animals and building snow people. This activity is coloring for kids/ painting for kids.
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