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by Julia Steiman

Modern Day Heroes: Conservationists can preserve diversity of life on Earth by applying up-to-date scientific knowledge to help solve environmental problems. Here’s how: they work to protect ecosystems, plants and animals, and they promote efficient use of renewable resources to reduce pollution. There are many different ways that conservationists can achieve these goals, and anything method works is valuable:

1) Understand: Advancing wildlife research and knowledge.
2) Protect: Protecting whole ecosystems (including plant and animal populations).
3) Waste Not, Want Not: Promoting efficient use of renewable resources.

Conservation efforts increase knowledge of new species so habitats are not destroyed before humans know that their inhabitants exist.For example, conservationists discovered 52 new species of animal and plants in the south-east Asian island Borneo between 2005 and 2006, including 30 species of fish, 2 new tree frogs, and 16 unusual species of ginger!

The remote forests of Borneo are among the most important centers of biodiversity on Earth. Thanks to recent discoveries, conservationists have more knowledge of Borneo's animal inhabitants and how to protect them.

In addition, conservationists must understand the large economic, political, natural, and cultural forces that influence animals and the environment. By increasing the world's knowledge base, conservationists increase the odds that we'll figure out how to address the problems facing endangered animals!


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